Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Video Challenge-Sotw

Aye <) How are you?
Sorry Dx,for not posting yesterday,i just wanted to add some photos that i am unable to add if i go to blogger by my tablet.
Anyways,New Video challenge is out there
So,as you seen it is about the #different2gether movement!
I really think this all movement and the fact that Woozworld is promoting it is a verry good idea.
Loads of peoples are bullyed and criticized for who they are,their thoughts and opinions....because you now.
Yesterday,or 2 days a go i saw a woozen beeing bullyed because one "rich person'' traded her and she didn't add "RARES"...I was like : O_O
THIS IS NOT A REASON TO BULLY DUDE,acctually there isn't any reason in this world to bully...
I don't know,who in this WORLD ever had this "AWSOME" idea that peoples should be the same. 
Basicly,this DIFFERENT2GETHER thing want to teach all of us that beeing yourself is AWSOME, and it really is,like you don't need to have ''THE RAREST THINGS" or stuff like that.

INTO the other topic, sotw! That was also promoting the different2gether movement 
And this is wut happened at Sotw (i was on app)
So it was a normal Sotw until....DORA THE EXPLORER CAME I WAS SO DEAD
Childhood memories :')
FAB YOU can't say anything else. 

SO this was MYLEYVIP and my today's post! SEE YA SUNDAY! I really need a new sign off picture but i am too lazy to do one!