Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sotw Today-Tips for Sotw-^^

AS you guessed,Myley here,and today is SOTW AND I HAVE SOME TIPS AND TRICKS FOR IT!
As many of you noticed (like everyone..duh) SOTW,isn't like before. There is a new unit,and now, you can only get in the SOTW unit just with 30 min. before!
I think is fair, since there were the same peoples in the sotw unit,waiting since 7 hours before the event starts...
Now,you need to fastly click the sotw unit to be in,and it is really hard if you are not a vip...but i have some tricks ^ ^

Tricks to get in the sotw unit:
1. USE AN AUTO CLICKER: It is faster than you,and you have more chances to be in if you have it since duuh is faster .-.
2. DOORS: Before the event is on,most of the peoples do unitz with doors,that when you click them you get in the Sotw unit. If you don't find one,you can place a door or teleporter in your unit and select the unit you want to go into.

Tips to win Sotw:
1. Theme: The theme for sotw is verry important, if you don't follow it you have -95'/. chances to loose.
2. Creativity- Be creative. IF you have a color code,don't be shy,USE IT! BUT,if you are one of this persons that have a personal color code and always attend at sotw, you could change it! Make it according to the theme. You can also rock the Star of The Week with your usual colour code. But,be creative even if you use your colour code even if you don't! 

Types of persons at Sotw:
1. The totally random guy: It could be a girl also :))) , This type of peoples don't participate to sotw,they are here just to talk to MYA and basiclly make fun of anything,say random words and stuff. DON'T GET ME WRONG, this guys make it awsome like it would be boooring,like omigod last sotw,DORA THE EXPLORER WAS THERE,and even Mya enjoyed it, if i would ever get into the sotw unit i would be one of them guys because : THUG LIFE And NO MONEY FOR CLOTHES B)
2.THE EXCITED: Ye,this is the normal person who participate at sotw,they always have an awsome outfit,and they are always excited to see who win... I DON'T GET YOU GUYS! XD

WELL YE,this was a really deep post that expressed alot of feelings :') and also a meditation about life and how fast do unicorns grow up...WAIT WHAT?!
ANNOUNCEMET THAT YOU BETTER READ OR I'LL THROW A PARTY IN YOUR WORDROBE: So,this week i am going to a trip in Greece for a week,and i am not sure i will have internet there because duh .-. i'll be on an island. BUT,i'll try to post. If i won't better throw a bunch of cupcakes at me jk jk when i'll come back i'll try to post 4 times :(((((((        
I LUV CHU ALL Oh and btw my new sign of picture is done! Enjoy!