Sunday, June 21, 2015

SOTW - MyaWooz

Hello Woozens, XxxLoveForeverxx here. Today I'm going to talk about how Star Of The Week went. 

Many Woozens was STYLISH with their  Summer outfits, our beach bum +LoganWooz inspired outfits.  
Hersheykissyum wore her beach bum outfit, she was a amazing Judge at SOTW! 
Thank you! 

Sammy-x was a wonderful Judge at SOTW! Sammy-x wore her outfit in pride. 

DannyCx A.K.A 12Danny12 wore his incredible outfit that +LoganWooz made. He was so incredible that he got 2nd place in SOTW! 

----- OUR SOTW WINNER-----

She done outstanding at SOTW, I can't believe how amazing her outfit was today. Thanks to the Judges. A true star has won SOTW!

That is all folks, Thank you for reading my post. God Bless you..