Sunday, June 21, 2015

Qs and As with princess? This Saturday. ?

Hello burstfull people with strawberries, raspberry,  milkshake, vannila icecream and every thing that I love ♡♥♡♥♡♥ hehehe
Sadly I dont have a Royal advice today:(.. cause I guess you re too happy with your lives that you forgot me. ?.. :*( :*(... Hey lets talk about my self here. ?. Some of you known that I am a Muslim (like whattttttt) and in this month of Ramadan I have to fast. And in my country I have to fast for  15 hours.  No food, no water, no songs,.... This was the most terrible fast because we had a lot of load shedding. And the weather here was burning.............
 So in this post I wanna tell you that I couldn't introduce my self clearly. There was once a woozen who asked about my life. So I said why not do a Q and As with princess.. In this post you can ask me a few questions about me if you like. ? For example what's your name?  Etc.
You can ask your questions from the chatbox only because I get very less online on woozworld. Why...? Because I have An advice corner I'm not an updater LOL so yeah do send me some Advices from the chatbox only..... okay.
I will put your name tooo so you can stay Anonymous.
This Q and As with princess will be on the next Saturday.  So you have approximately six days so ask me whatever you like every one is invited woozens, Bloggers, ransoms, cupcakes, unicorns, straw bees etc. ?.
before your question do add this phrase Q and As with princess so that I can know this post is for me..◇◆◇◆
So don't get too personal like idk?  Just don't be too personal....
So ask me the Qs... Keep sicked on the computer screen till Saturday.....
love yall. ? ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤}☆■●□º¤☆■♡♥♥★☆¤●..