Sunday, June 21, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: Day VS Night Outfit

HELLO MY MUNCHIES!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so FASHION POST AGAIN... I need more post ideas btw so if you have some ideas please tell me! THANKS!!! Okay, so day outfits vs night outfits are always a bit different. Usually, day outfits are more bright and casual while night outfits can be bright but a bit darker in tone and a bit more dressier.
Day Outfit
Hair: Spar Hair
Top: Glitter & Bling Top
Shorts: Cutoff shorts with a sweater
Shoes: Romantic Summer Wedges
This is definitely a casual outfit! The bun is messy and really casual. I love the crop top with the shorts and paired with summer cute wedges.

Night Outfit
Hair: Viprom Bun
Dress: Party All Night Tassle
Shoes: Mysterious Elegant Shoes
So, this is still a bun hairstyle, however it isn't as messy and it has earrings. Evening outfits don't have to be dressy and can still be casual. This one is kind of casual, but dressy in a way too. I love this dress and it is perfect for night rather than day because of the darker colors. I absolutely LOVE the detailing on this dress. The shoes I thought were just dressy.

Hope you guys liked the two different outfits and don't forget to suggest some post ideas to me! Thanks again! Got to go now guys! Bye!