Monday, June 1, 2015

#Royal advices, Find a present..!!!

GUYS, NOBODY WAS POSTING which is why I posted to save the day xP this is the extra day post but yea i would post on Saturday and Sunday (my posting days.) well enjoy my posts :D remember to comment on my post on chatbox love yall :D

@princessabix I need your royal advice. It's nearly school year and my friend is leaving tomorrow back to her homeland. I don't even have a gift for her..! *STRESS*
   sad sad sadsad 

Dear Friend:
Firstly see what your friend wants,needs.! see his/her likes and dislikes. as you both are friends then you would know perfectly if he  she is into toys,arts,pets,CD's ETC. Don't buy the presents that your friend wont even use :(
Set up your budget in mind. See if you are paying too much or little. just set a score of budgets. Remember the gift should be unique not expensive..!
Give your friend a day with you. It means you both can go to the concert, a good restaurant, movie or shopping.! It wuld become a day memorable to your friend..
Look online. for dresses, jewelry, or anything. just be sure that you have a budget and that your friend likes the thing you buy.!
here are some gift ideas for your friend:
*a scrap book for your memories
*a homemade big card that can be done with photographs,cutout, coloring, using sparkles etc.!
*Buy her some beautiful flowers. You can use fake too so that they wont die. Dont forget to use a vase too.!
*record a message for her in a CD
*A video of dance you two made
*coupons for something..
*DIY gift ideas.
*Make something for them it could be a   card.
*Homemade cake
*moon sand,
*avoodoo doll
*blanket of her favourite colour
*wind chimes
*a bookmark
*And the best one is to take a basket and fill it with everything your friend likes. for e.g her fav CD, chololates,candy,sweets,bracelets,rings,necklace,wrist watch, books or anything in the above list...
Decorate it with ribbon, a teddy bear tied, and a note with it saying a messgae. gift it to your friend. it is sure that she will love it.
Hope that these ideas were worth to use. Keep the questions comming. I'll be happy to advice..! :) :) :) :)