Monday, June 1, 2015

How to decorate your unitz

Hey, Bursties! We all love well-decorated unitz in Woozworld, right? Well, today I wanted to talk just about that!

How to decorate a unitz:

1) Figure out the purpose of the unitz you want to make. Do you want to make a store, a living room, a garden, a place for a party? The choice is all yours! :)

2) Pick the color for your perfect unitz. Go crazy with the color codes to make your unitz even more unique! (Tip: don't go with just one color, use a few colors, just don't overdo it with the colors and make sure that they combine nicely)

3) Establish the budget for your unitz. First you pick what furniture you want in your unitz (I recommend you find the most advantageous price of the furniture you want) and than picture all that in your head and get decorating!

I hope this will help you! :3

Here are some unitz I created:

This is my boutique, I sell rares, and I decided to mix red, white and black. I think they go very nicely together. I even added a zebra print! :)

This is one part of my mall. The mall is practicly finished (if you want some pictures of the mall or some other unitz to get inspired, comment :3)

Also if you don't know I started my own blog, not too long ago. If you wanna check it out, this is the link:  (I will add some more tips here)

If you have any advice for inspired unitz decorators, share them :)

That's all from me!
Stay awsome Bursties!