Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Next Designs-Woozguidez?

Hi unicorns! How are you?
Now let me tell you: YEEEEESHHHHH MY EXAMS (i mean all of them exams) ARE FINALLY REAL 100 percent doneeeee . THis kinda means summer is here lololololo
Yes i know....I will start with the second topic...is not really what you think....
No i dont know the names of the new guidez (ye you can punch me now) i just wanted to say that the new guidez will be announced BEFORE JUNE 11 BUT I DON'T KNOW THE EXACTLY DAY! So yea! I AM STRESSED LIKE YOU OKAY?! This is the very first time when i really acctually ummm..cared XD if i will be a guide or no. I used to just apply and then do nothing because i didn't knew we had to do something... I tought they choose us depending on our application. -claps for me-
AND what i am going to do today is: GIVING YOU TIPS FOR FUTIRE WOOZGUIDE:
1) When you write your application,be realistic tell the real things you can do,don't be like: OH WELL I CAN MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY BECAUSE YOU KNOW I GIVE FREE CUPCAKES AND I BUY THEM 1000029837 YEARS OF VIP AND I AM ALSO VERY KIND AND I AM SO COOL BC I TALK LIKE THAT AND MY GRA AM AR IS KEWL K BYE (worst joke ever done)
2) THINK TWICE: Be sure you really want to be a woozguide, this mean giving out some of your free time to do help peoples with their problems! Don't get nervous if they aren't greateful,if you want to be a woozguide you really need to like what you do not do it for fame or things,you do it because you like to help. Don't you?
SO YE 2 tips that aren't acctually tips but yee. BI GOOD LUCK FOR EVERYONE WHO APPLIED! xx
NEXT TOPIC! SO if you don't get it,that means some new clothing will be released omg!  Be sure to go at the evnt (and get me some clothes bc no money -thug life- i wasted them on ....idk some old rares bc i like old rares). Oh and some new i am going to start a w-log (woozworld v-log ye) on YouTube so if you have any ideas of what the first episode should be about,drop them in the chatbox. YEY SO this post was super short but i have tones of homeworks to do .-. I love school,what can i say .-.