Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Q&A special-With Miley!

Aye unicorns!
I decided to make the q & a now (like today) because i am not sure i will post on Sunday so ye! Plus that i get ALOT of question!
Before we start i just wanna say a quick THANK YOU because of suporting me and reading my posts! So let's do dat!

Btw the questions aren't in any order.

First question/s : Senpai-3 asked me: Myley how did you come up with your name?
ANSWER:Well,senpai first of all,NOTICE ME! (sorry i couldn't stop myself from dooing that). I made my account two years ago (i had other accounts before this) and i was totally obbsesed with HANNAH MONTANA aka Miley Stewart (in the series) and ... MileyVip wasn't available so...

Zeldaofc(zelda omg) : How did you join burst?
ANSWER: I never really thought about it. I just applied. Random. After 1 month pinky messaged me and i was screaming out of happiness!! One day i opened my tablet. I wrote my application,then mom came in my room and i closed the tab xD,next day i re-applied and i am here!
2.What is your fave school subject?
ANSWER: Nun.No.Nothing.Nada. Kiddin' i like english,history and georaphy and biology.
3.Describe your years in woozworld!
ANSWER: I was  a woozen like the rest,until i watched DEMITRA11's videos,and i felt in love with editing. Weird. I firstly started recording my "Movies" with my phone camera. And the text was made in paint... So pro omg!

Brielle:1.How old are you?
ANSWER: I am 13 almost 14 (almost means in September crying)
2.What's your favorite thing about burst?
ANSWER: I cant have a favorite thing about burst. I like it all. I like every single thing about it!

SAMMYTHEMANGO: Who your beasties are?
ANSWER: ok that's strange,one of my beastie is Sammy XD,Star,Starry,Ema (all them fab guys in hawt friends)
2.Do you have fans?
ANSWER:Nope. I have peoples that appreciate me,i consider them friends And love them!
 3.If you would have a fandoom how would you call it?
ANSWER: Glittering unicorns -cought-
4.Why are you my fave blogger?
ANSWER: I dont know. Why?xD

Janehyuio: What's your real hair colour?
ANSWER: It is blonde! Yeep
2.Why glittering unicorns?
ANSWER: Did you prefere fluffy sheeps? XD and bc i <3 my little pony k?
3.Why can't i open the window?    
ANSWER: Dear friend i don't know why can't you open the window but remeber nothing is imposible,SpongeBob made fire under water SO FOLLOW  YOUR DREAMS. I belive that one day you will open the window! Now go! Make me proud! :')
So there were all the questions (obviously xD) So ye! See ya Sunday (or Tuesday,only Dumbledore knows xD) I luv chu all!