Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New fashion sneak peek and New woozworld and old one

Hi guys first of all i want to say sorry because my last posts were awfull! I,myself can't belive i made them!
Anyways,i am back and fresh (not at all) i am acctually sick. Ye is verry cool .-. so today,Mya announced that she will host an event (vip only) in vip style scoop at 5:30 pm,for a sneak peek of...Oh yes i forgot to mention she didn't say. Do you think there are the outfits made by woozens (summer contest) or something else. We don't know. But we will sure do this friday when the new outfits will be released!! Also tomorrow is wacky wednessday and i am excited to see what items will be (even tho i wont buy one bc no money). Also guys in 2 days (i am not good at math,but i know there are 2 days) until the new guidez will be choose. For this,i am totally excited omg. Good luck to everyone who applied.

Short story that is not acctually a story and the next topic will be bound to this story xD
Sew, one day Miley ,was like always stalking animators wallz and she saw loads of messages like "Bring back old wzw and something".
Yes so, this will be our topic! Old woozworld,i really miss it. I like the new one,also. But old was awsome <3 Let's do dat!
Basicly,we will talk about the diferences!

OLD WOOZWORLD: Well...ye. We did not put so much "accent" on fashion. Everybody wore what they liked. 4 years ago,the clothing was kinda "future themed" all the blue and strange way to combine the colours. 2 years ago neon rocked so as black and white. Now,since to years ago the labels started to come like "rich" and "poor",scammers came out. I remember (and i bet we all do ) how everyone was desperate about z-legs (black and white) and you could pay like 500 wooz for one pair.
The rarest outfit was b&w z-legs+rebel hair+cutie and make-up+any top from shopz+moo moos

NEW WOOZWORLD: clothes,money,style all the way. Everyone is looking for the rarest things so they can be "cool". Labels are everywhere. Peoples dont usually talk to you if you don't have rare clothes.... More scammers...more hackers...more liars...more fake peoples....this is sad. But let's look into the good part. Fashion improved alot! We are more stulish and glam than ever!
Now z-legs are an old thing that nobody cares about. I still have a pair. They remind me of old wzw. Now rarest outfit is esq hair+esq face/excitement face/dolloween face+snapdragon sweater+ wns heels or idk
Like ye. Dont judge me. I dont know what rares boys have xD But i know almost all the clothes for girls xD

OLD WOOZWORLD: Peoples used to be friendly,help each other,hang out XD Also there weren't so many trade centers and stuff. We just met up in a unit (tent...it usually was a tent) or we hanged out in street...ah...memories! Peoples hang out with anybody that came!

NEW WOOZWORLD: Not so friendly peoples. Is kinda hard to find real friends that don't only want,fame ,money,clothes BENEFITS from you. Ye hard times! Getting money is hard.

OLD WOOZWORLD: This difference...you weren't able to see it. Peoples acctually ahd the same benefits. Yeah vips skipped queue but this is a few thing.

NEW WOOZWORLD: ye...non vip benefits....good joke myley..dont do it again. No like serious. Maby you will consider me rude for saying the things i am about to say! But ...really what our benefits are? Like i know vip pay for their benefits and blah...and all the stuff...yes they pay for having MORE benefits then non-vips but how can you have more than a thing tha dont exist?
I mean,they skip queue,go to exclusive events,get exclusive items,other chat bubble colour, get money every day! I am NOT requesting for what they have! I am requesting for a few benefits lik we shall work for money idk play arcadz for 3 wooz or something. Is not fair. Just my opinion!

OLD WOOZWORLD: everyone was looking for friends,fun and basicly jus havea good time!

NEW WOOZWORLD: Fame,money,clothes,benefits. This is all. No matter how much you hurt,no matter how much you stole from others,how much u hack  at least you make a single person happy : YOURSELF WRONG !!! Peoples are beeing so selfish,and just trying to fill their selfish objectivs. What happened to you?!

Omg guys i have this awsome (i think ideea) i'll call it "Honest Day", leave in the chatbox (with your name or not) a thing you did in woozworld : scamming,cheating,hacking. But now you dont make it anymore! Like proove you change! You dont have to put your name,it could be awkward to say it! But you will feel better! I,myself,will sa a thing i am not proud of ! <3.        
Thank you guys for reading this post! Hope you liked it! Oh and before you go 2 things 1) i will do
a q  and a video so if you have any questions drop them in the chatbox! 2) If pinocchio says my nose will grow what will happen? O.o weirdest question ever. But ye! Now thi about it my smart unicorns! <3
See ya sunday! -Myleyvip out