Thursday, June 11, 2015

Farewell, Red xx

Hey everybody..

I'm Annie Rosèlle Scarlett. Most of you know me by, 'Red'. My WoozWorld account is IWriteThoughts.

Sometimes, life gets hard. It's like you're so tired of it. This can be for any reason - love, friendship, school. All you want to do is sleep and find a way to escape reality, even if only for one second. That was what happened to me, and WoozWorld was, is, my reality escape.

When I first joined, I didn't expect it to change my life completely. I got to know a lot more people, I made lots of great friends, I even found love and had a strong relationship for about 4 months. Amazing things happen when you least expect it.

I told myself that I wouldn't get addicted to this game. That I wouldn't fall in love completely and shut myself out from the world. But it did happen. I did get lost in the magical 'virtual' land where anything can happen, and I did shut myself out.

But you can't run away from reality forever. You have to face it, no matter how hard or frightening it might be. You don't run away from your problems. I learned that the hard way. Not everything has an 'easier option'. Life isn't about finding shortcuts.

What did I do to help myself lose interest in WoozWorld? Simple. I went to the library, got a few books and read. From one story I read, I got the idea to start learning art. So now, I spend my free time buried in books or painting/drawing random things. Do things that interest you the most.

You don't have to leave the internet completely. All I'm saying is, that if you're running away from something, stop. Take a deep breath and face it. Once it's over, it's over. Running away from your problems will only make it worse in the end.

I'm still going to look forward to clicking 'Google' and then exploring the internet, but I'm not going to run away from reality and hide on a virtual game forever. You don't have to completely ditch the internet. Just don't get lost in it completely - it will ruin you.

I appreciate every single one of you, whether I know your or not, whether you know me or not. I'd like to say thank you to Penny and Pinky for creating the best WoozWorld blog there is (one of my reality escaping sites). I'd like to thank my lovely friends - you know who you are - for supporting me all the way. Thank you all so much for a beautiful year that I'll never forget.

This is not me saying goodbye, this is me saying I'm not going to run and hide anymore, that I'm going to go out there and face all my fears and problems.

Remember: the best thing to be is yourself, don't let anyone tell you want to do or who to be. Being yourself is the most beautiful thing you could ever be.