Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fashion Style Scoop - New Outfits coming out Thursday

Hello, Woozens. +Myawooz and +JayWooz did a Fashion Scoop. This is where they show NEW OUTFITS coming soon! +Myawooz showed the girl outfits, Jaywooz showed the men outfits.

---------------------------Women Outfits----------------------------
Let's say, I'm lovin' this style, +Myawooz is a true fashion queen. I think she has great Style! xx

Lovin' the Crop Top + Sleeveless Shirt for Summer 2015.

------------------------------------------------------------------Men Outfit-------------------------------

Men Outfit is on Fleek! xx


Comment in the Chat Box what you think about these new Outfits coming out Thursday!



I'm sorry that I don't have a picture right off hand, My computer reset itself so I have no pictures except these right not. sorry loves. xx