Monday, June 8, 2015

#Royal Advices, bullying

  I wanna say that I'm really enjoying that many of you are asking me for #Royal Advices okay I'm happy that my sneezes are gone but its still sad that bullying is happening not just in woozworld but reality and this is some advice to face bullying..
Dear princess,
There are some people in my school bus who bully me all the time, make fun of me. I am a very sensitive person so I cry a lot.. I can't just quit going to the school.. what shall I do..
 Dear friend,
I see you are getting bullied in the school bus.. It's a very terrible thing you know, to face it. well I am gonna advice you..
If they make fun of you for example" look at your hair style so old fashioned?" Then you can say "I like it better that way... " which shows you do not care at all.
Smile all the time... I know this sound crazy that how can I smile when I'm in a trouble? well that's the trick!! Don't let them get you at all. ? Feel happy and smile when they make fun of you.
 Be nice to them. If they do something bad to you then do something good to them. ? This may awaken their heart and I'm sure they won't do it again.
Last advice is that when they are gone out of hand then complain. Complain to their teacher, your parents or Better their parents. That would be very helpful.

Hope my tips were pretty helpful.. so If you guys have something else qiestion then keep it comming..