Saturday, May 30, 2015

#Royaladvices, whom to choose as friends.

Hi guys,
This is the second ever post of #Royal advices.. before that I'd like to congratulate everyone who became prom king, queen - prom princess,  prince. ?
In this royal advice Im gonna be tellin you about choosing friends.....
Dear princess,
I am friends with this gurl at school, actually we made a group. We have been friends since 2 years. But still I think I get bored with them, my friends are very bored people instead Ive seen people who are very FUN, exciting they hangout often. I wanna hangout with them. What shall I do. Who can I choose as friends.

Dear advice seeker,
I did not understood your question quite well. Maybe you want me to advice you on how to choose the friend made for YOU!
friends are the most important person in your life. it is said that you become just like your friends when you stay with them. Well choosing a friend made for you must be a hard time. aye? well first make a list of the qualities, or good habits that are in you. then the qualities in your friend A (that is the present friend of yours) then friend B (to whom you want to be friends) then just see who have the more qualities in common and make her/him your friend..!
Well if the list didn't work then do this trick..!! See who is involved in you the most. I mean who supports you or love you or care for you? then this will give you an idea of choosing a friend made for you..!
Trust is an important key. You should know to whom you can rely or trust on. You can know that by just thinking and wondering. You may do some tests to find that out..!
See if your friend is doing some bad thing, she/he a bully or fights everyone or is not a good character then give them red marks .
It is okay to leave the friends to whom you are engaged with.
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