Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fashion battle

OMG guys sorry i didn't post yesterday ....i forgot it was Tuesday =.=
And..FINALLY I'm doing fashion battle ^^
I've changed rules a little...
So,i will randomly choose peoples and ask them if they agree then i'll take a picture.
Let's do that!
The theme was summer, so i asked the girls to wear the most summerish outfits they have.

First outfit: honeybunney

Outfit review: I like the outfit, overall, everything is very well matched . The clothes are black and white, if you wear b and w (in my opinion) you always need to have a colorful detail, in her outfit, the detail could be the little earring that is kinda red. If you ask me, this outfit (no matter it's colours) is not actually so summer-ish, i think you could wear this outfit mostly at a party.

Outfit rating: 8
Points for following the theme: 6
  14 points/20 points

   Second outfit: 10wishes

Outfit review: This outfit is so fab,like it is really summer-ish and so cute. I never thought about this combination (dahlia skirt + tropicadorable bustier) and i really love it! Everything is so colorful and perfect for summer. I also love the way 10 wishes combined old woozworld (the hair) + new woozworld (the top,skirt and shoes). BUT,there is a but XD, because it is summer she could add more colors not just pink, like i don't know she could mix more colors or she could add a little of white and black,just a little, not too much!

Outfit rating: 9
Points for following the theme: 10
          19 points/ 20 points

 SO.... drum you don't know how to count ... XD.......IS 10wishes!!! Congratulations!
You win...idk 30 votes because yea. Big prize i know...
And i hope you guys liked this fashion battle and...Now, you can rate the outfits. Like this:
Rate this post funny for : honeybunney
Rate it cool for : 10wishes
Rate it: interesting for : ME and I'll add a photo with my outfit : here it is ! 

Unicorns, i hope you liked this yesterday's today's post,and see ya Tuesday...but i am not sure (I've told you why in my last post) 
I luv chu all!

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