Sunday, June 28, 2015

Charmazing Video Challenge-Outfits made by woozens

Kaliméra, my glittering unicorns! (I am in Greece xD)
And this post will probbly a short one since i dont really have that much time to make a long one,but i think you guys,should be updated with the latest WoozWorld News so let's start!
As many of you noticed, Charmazing is BACK,and this week's video challenge will be about it. You need to make a short music video,with the lyrics, and the music, of the Charmazing Theme Song,and you can download it from Sound Cloud,that's what i've read in the video challenge unit!
And,if any of you want,you are free to message me if you want and have time to join my video, acctually have no friends :( ....jkjk.....not i have a total of 5 friends and that's alot .-. At least, i really love 'em since they are so fab and always make me laugh. ..::END OF THE EMOTIONAL MOMENT::..
I am really excited about this video challenge and i'll try my best! ^^

Well, again. We had to design new outfits...that i really like #IhaveNoTalentForDesigning... Because i basicly don't know how to draw T.T
Anyways, the new outfits are in store now and are fab! .-. And ..idk..
I really like them, and i may do a review.

Well...what should i tell you? Oh yea! see ya tuesday!!! This post is really short T_T okay guys,unicorns,glittering unicorns... omg you are like so many things....YOU're making me confused!

IMPORTANT THING: Ok,i inow i am not pinky or penny to say that but really. I am sorry,maby you have some things to do or maby you still have school or idk but please please be more active (talking to the bloggers atm) the last post was 4 days ago. We need to keep peoples updated. Ok. Byes