Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Charmazing Quest Answers + Info!

               Hello, everyone! It's Jessamyn again :) I know my official days are Monday and Thursday but I really felt like posting again. Today, I've come back after my long hiatus to tell you that there's a new event in Woozworld that you may have heard about, Charmazing! Charmazing is a product created by the company (which you might be familiar with,) Style Me Up. With Charmazing, you can make your own personalized charm bracelets and collect "charma" and different charms with the help of the Charmazing app.
              The first quest for Charmazing has three sections:

1.) Go to the "Charmazing Party" Unitz in Woozworld. 

2.) Click on both white pods in the Unitz to learn more about Charmazing.

3.) The last part is the hardest, and can be a little annoying for some people, so I've collected the answers to the puzzles. For the last section of the quest you have to go from one blue chest to another. Each  chest has a puzzle inside where some lyrics from the official Charmazing song are missing and you need to fill them in. Luckily there's a green Podz beside you with the lyrics, but it gets annoying to either memorize the lyrics or keep walking back, and at the end of the series of chests there's a gift-the "Tree of Life" from Charmazing! It's pretty cool, but with the help of these answers you'll be there in no time. 

-First chest: "charma out" 

-Second chest: "destiny"

-Third chest: "star" 

-Fourth chest: "karma" 

-Fifth chest: "truth"

-Sixth chest: "soul" 

-Seventh chest: "charmazing" 

Now that you've finished, open the two remaining blue chests to recieve a Hibiscus charm and a Tree of Life! :D 

Well, that's all for today. I'll be back soon now that I'm not on hiatus anymore! :)