Friday, May 29, 2015

Prom Gossip-New Prom outfits winner-?

Aye unicorns! How are you!
Yep is Miley here (:o)
Wondering why am i posting today?Yes? No? Okay.....I'll still tell you!
Like there is a summer contest design (Katie told you about it) and i am really working hard at my design! When i'll finish it and sumbit it i'll show you xD yay
Now,lets get into our topics!
Prom Gossip: they areeee: -drum  rolls- King harrisblue Prom Queen MawaddaElbanhawy Prom  Prince Josephado and  Prom Princess epichoper!  
Congratulations to the winners! Woop woop! 
Now here's a thing that happened to prom: (i was in queue watching DX) There were the animators (Zack Wooz also :3) and he asked Jenny out and she...Rejected him xD
I wonder how did Zack feel atm. And i was like looooooool . By the way: if you check out the new 'dear jenny' the topic is (yes you've guessed) REJECTION i bet Zack didn't read it before sking jenny out :D

And prom outfit were chose and they are fanabulous!!!  (Even tho i can't buy one -cri-) there are GalaxyGlow by KlarizaBloomae, GlowStopper by BellaThrme,  NeonDream by Rhythmy and RaveReady by KAYUKARI thank you for the awsome outfits for prom! The outfits are yet only available in Store but in a month they mab be transferable and you can get 'em! <3
YAy now i have nothing more to tell u o.o just an announcement that yeee : i'll start fashion battle!!!!!
And this means : Everybody CAN JOIN! So please message me if you want to join the fashion battle or go in the chatbox write the hashtag #fashionbattle + your woozworld name and writte i want to join! :3 so idk if i'll post on sunday (aka tomorrow) and that means that the fashion battle  will be Tueday! <)
And omg i cant belive that there have gone like 5 months since i applied for guide and in the next weeks they will be chose!!!!omgomg #dyingfrominside  oh and a big shotout to : AmericanApparel. That really made my day teling me that she likes my posts omg done so done! You peoples are fabulous!  This mean alot to me! Crienotcrie and sorry that my post is soooooo shooort! Dx i'll try to post on sunday but i am not sure! <3
Byeee unicorns!!!!!!!!