Friday, May 29, 2015

Prom 2k15!

Hey everyone, Katiekat00 here! It's been a little quiet on Burst for awhile... But not to worry, I'm sure more Woozens will come back as school is ending for most of us :3. Soooo.. Today was a very big day- Today Woozworld hosted Prom 2k15! I unfortunately didn't go because I forgot, and I was busy doing other stuff xD But by looking at the pictures, it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun. Even Dora. If you look closely in this picture. LOL

Also, congrats to the King, Queen, Princess, and Prince, You all totally earned it! <3
Well, It looks like prom was a big hit this year. I'd like to give a thank you to Woozworld for such a great prom this year. If anyone else planned it, it wouldn't be good as what you guys did! 

Now that prom is over, what is next? Will we be changing into zombies or angry cloud people again? I'm guessing either Carnawooz, or maybe a whole new event! It's all for Woozworld to decide. Oh, and I almost forgot! I heard there was a brand new fashion design contest... Here are the details:
Remember, submission ends on Thursday, June 4th! And the new designs may come to Woozworld Thursday, June 25th. Just in time to kick off Summer 2k15! 

What are your plans for the Summer? Tell me in the comment box :3

Thanks for reading!

P.s: Thank you Jennywooz and others who visited my unit during prom. I wish I would of gone, but I forgot, and got carried away with drawing, heh! Maybe next time :3 But still, thank you! <3