Sunday, May 3, 2015

More ZeChic Coming, Fashion Design Contest

Hey guys!! Sorry for not posting Friday! D: I actually had this post in the middle of writing then I was going to work on a bit more later then I forgot about it =-=. Also, I only have 15 people for the contest, however all of the entries are amazing, so the contest is not canceled. The results will be in by next week and the latest will be like 3 weeks.

Okay, so the theme for prom is NEON RAVE. So, woozworld is having a contest to make neon rave themed prom outfits!!! So get creative and don't forget the neon. ;)

THIS DRESS :O I love the dress underneath and the sheer added is just perfect!! I LOVE THIS. I actually see prom dresses in real that are similar to it.... so yeah... XD Just loving that dress... LIKE I NEED ONE CAN SOMEONE GIFT ME ONE? XD jk... but if you can that would be amazing.... XD

There is also another hair that was down. Sorry that I do not have the pic. I is hair for the guys and I do not absolutely love it..,

Bye munchies!!! New signoff soon!