Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Video Challenge and another topic but im still thinking xD

Aye unicorns <) ,how are you?
Well i am posting from my tablet :(((((( cri- is really weird oh
So,our today's tooopiccc is Video Challenge  (again i can't add photos via my tab) but yea you probabbly saw it in the hot topics
Jenny wooz announced it. What's the theme? Theme is Mother's day. For me mother's da was in 8 of March,but in Us is in.... Idk what day ...may i think 8 may i am on sure :D
Big momma is here to give you advices yay .
1) well don't do a simply vido,in a fluffy blank unit, telling reasons of why your mom is awsome
2)Do not make the video plain with no acction,make it funny!like a short story (skit)
3) Do not ....
1)Be super creative
2) think about your mom while dooing it,it may help!
3) do...
YEP I'll give o a lost of programs (no not photoshop or sv,or ae) because ... Of this
Photoshop -atpund 500$
sony vegas - 600 $
So ya. There are some programs tha ae free,oka you cant edit so good like in the others i've told ya but if you work you can do it xD like if you want (and have aloooot of patience) you could make a car animation in Movie Maker xD (im not kiddin T.T) i was thinking about that lmao
1)Video pad -free,contains zoom effect,green screen ,sepia,black & white,spped-up,slow mo and others just watch tutorials,it could be downloaded in 30 seconds xD no viruses (i am using it ) is made for non-profit.
2)movie maker -basic effects, verry easy to work in, no tutorials need . Is not so advenced you cant do lots of things but if you are a starter is okay .
For photo editing:
1)paint.net -is photo duh
2)gimp.org -You can do kinda loads of drawing effects
 I could do some tutorials if you want ... Since i got a new editor video pad i was about to make a collab. XD
Just ask me what tutorial would you want.
I wanna say 1 word about my video : Challenge so if you want to see my non pro videos bc i just started my YT channel : myleyvip
In theeee neeext topiccc.....i dont have one T.T
So i will basiclly discuss with you about a thing that happened yesterday. Sew,i was in a gifting for free unitz,okay. A bunch of non-vips (like me) that were waiting to get something free. Then a vip come and she is like "omg owneeeer,gift me please!!!!!" -.- and i was s annoyed... Like serious,your a fluffy vip and you get 60 wooz per day. .... And the thing was that she was totally dressed in the limited edition outfits. .-. Dude? Are you kiddin me?!!!!! I am so anooyed of how selfish peoples can be!!!! And i am verr annoyed. Like you are a verry inportant person wow .-. And the '3rs category' peoples want to be like you,wearing stylish awsome hawt clothes... But noooo...you need to come! Are you crazy like really?!!! Cant you wait for the next day if your 'out of money'. Chill bruh. So dear vips ,maby you can leave some space for non-vips too,and i am not talking about me ,i am talking about the all non-vips in woozworld ! "But vips pay for their benefits" i know and i think is fair that the VIPS SHOULD have more benefits like us (acces to unitz and stuff) but that doesn't mean that we the non' ones should be threated like this! Like vips benefits: skip queue,gold bubble,acces to restructed unitz,get 60 wooz per day,can afford new outfits and ze chic,customizable woozin
Non-vips benefits: .-. Yeah,good joke miley,good one .-. Whats our  benefit? Noting guy,we have nothing! We should consider a benefit that Woozworld let us play?! Oh thank you.
And i am not talking about al, vips,there are some peoples that are kind shoutout for my beastie : starships10 thats a vips and shes an awsome girl! But ...some of them are just....
Meanwhile non vips should get scammed by vips who are 'gifting' for rare. Thank you. It means alot to us! .-. Guys i know i get too much in this topic but i think i've said what most of non-vips are thinking. If you are a vip and your reaing this i wasn't about to offend you,i was jus straightly saying my own and personal opinion and you would think the same as me if you were in my place! So remeber there are peoples who cant afford and you do! So let us get something okay?
I wish at leas woozworld shall give us 10 wooz per day so we could afford things. Not the 1 wooz tht you get at spining wheel because it wont help us. Okay we get 300 wooz in like almost a year and vips get it in like  5 days .
Okay i am done. Sorry if i offened you it wasnt what i meant to do.
This was myleyvip. Rate this post if you liked it and see ya sunday!