Sunday, May 3, 2015


Hey ya unicorns <) more exactley glittering ones :)
So today we have 3 topics!!! OMG did you notice that today is 3rd of May?
THEORY: 3x3=9
4x5=9 => 9x9=81 ==> 81:3 =27=> 27:3=7==> 7 looks linke an upside-down L => L,comes from word "lol' that means laugh out loud that have 3 word so, 3 topics+3rd of may+3 words = 9
9 is an upside down 6,that means 666 the proof that :
xD Now into the real topic ZECHICAY7PROM in translation ze chic may 7 prom,in translation Prom outfits will be available in ze chic in the 7th of MAY
So yesterday and day before yesterday Mya spoiled us with some of the outfits that will be available in ze chic for prom
 One girl dress and one boy hairstyle. I like the dress,is so prom-ish XDD but you know i also like the boy hairstyle but in my opinion is not so...erm...original....Don't get me wrong i like it iz fab,but i think that there are more hairstyles in this world not only the idk horse wave ? XD Like this hairstyle was so everywhere in woozworld in this months like can't we do anything else? more creative? -Don't punch ma face bc of the feedback it was my O P I N I O N-
IN the Second topic 1St.June - Now you may be like" Oh i wonder what's on the 1 st of june'' and yeah .... I'll tell you : NEW WOOZGUIDEZ!
YEAH! I've talked to some woozguidez that are active now and they've said that probabbly the Woozguidez will be chosee in the first of June! BUT! IS acctaullay half-confirmed,no mod or Woozband member confirmed this. I'll tell you if i'll get anymore infos ! In the past 4-5 months i really work hard at beeing a woozguide like yeah...but there are so many other peoples that are trying too! At least 12 and i am verry afraid that i won't be chose .... But let's be positive XD
I think a good woozguide should help others even then  he/she will be choose. And if i would ever becaome a guide i'll still beeing the same like is not like i am perfect yesh but i think peoples can change! Like okay you are a scammer and stuff and yea and everybody knows you for bad things and than you realize that is not okay...And you apply for guide and you really wanna change! IS like okay you were dooing something wrong but now you change because you want! And this is a verry important thing for me ;)
Today i was in queue in quest (yeah queue i love it .-.) and some guy was doiing ads for his unit and by mistake i pressed the add and then i've seen the unit name "HAcked Spellz" .... Like in my opinion some things are only owned by moderators because um... they are supposed to be owned by moderators and not by us. And i've reported the woozen. Like guys ? They are just spellz they don't give you anything! .-. Like it could cause stuff taht we can't really werk because (yeah i am so good at computers XD) and yeah many more things is like when you hack something you kinda break woozworld sistem and it could couse i don't've could maby break the queue...
So this was all for today guys! <)
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Oh i've forgot,in my last post (i think ) i've talked about jenny's birthday party and post cards and i've told you i'll show you mine XD a fab fail XD 
i think i'll do a new sign off picture what about it XD? SEE YA UNICORNS ! buh byeeeee