Monday, May 18, 2015

Video challenge

HIYS BURSTFULLIES :3. (I know it's like a cupcake is filleed with strawberry jam :3) made it up ;)
I am very sorry i couldnt post on sunday.. (my posting day) cause there was written i cant post cause tag is broken. idk o.0 I have proof..!

 Back to the topic okay so there is a new video challenge after the Mothers day video challenge, so we all know that prom is arriving (do we :?) yea so in this occasion there would be a video challenge in which we have to make a video on maybe The prom king and queen nominees , the fashion tips for prom, or just show how to complete the prom objective. (last ones boring :/ )
Well my opinion is that do a video on 'Do's and Don'ts of prom' 'How to find a partner for prom' just be creative or do something interesting...! something awesome and something no one can think of!. yea just do that video, upload it in youtube, copy and paste the URL in the enlist podz (orange colour) in the video challenge unitz. With the URL and your woozen name before May 25, 2015.
These are de rules that must be followed..!