Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Prom Tips

Aye unicorns <3 How are you?
So our today's topic will be Prom. More exactly prom tips.
Getting the perfect dress,dooing your make-up and so many more questions!
(this post will probabbly be more for girls since i'll talk about make-up,hairstyles,etc XD)
Outfit,one of the most importanat thing at prom. You have to be le original and dress up as the way you want! :)
Nope you are never ever going to see this girl wearing a loooong dress with high heels and loaads of make-up. Naturally is the key for a perfect punk looking outfit. Just a lil of lipstick (pale pink) and dark eye make-up. You can also apply blue,black,white o.0 lipstick! But no red or pink :)
She will be that girl wearing black and white at prom and she will totally rock it. With a rebel hair assorted with a black beanie and some black not-so-high heels and also a flawless withe dress with a golden necklace and a leather jacket! Perfect for a prom after-party :)
Dress: Airable dress
HAir: Comfymas hair
Shoes:Special ops boots

2.Miss Elegance :
A good example of the prom queen everyone imagine
Always chic,her outfits are carefully chose,master of the combinations of elegance and naturally.
A long sheer dress that is giving her the glamourous look combined with a long straigh blond hair with an rebel sparkle (is this even an expression,idk,now it is)
WERKS the ponlka dots shoes better than anybody. Sucesfully combine three different styiles and turn them in a work of art :)
Hair: Long tucked two-tone

Dress:Sheer chic dress
Shoes: floral goddes polka dot heels

YEsh even tho if you are a geek you can be a princees for one night.
Always keep your glasses on,they make you look special :)
Try wearing a two-toned hair like this. MAke the first color (that is mostly covering ur head XD) a natural one and the second it could be any color! 
TRy also wearing a leather jacket combined with a not-so-long dress+some cute heels THE heels could also be some sparkleing ones :))
HAIR: two toned hair & nerd glasses
DRESS: Dress 'n coat
Shoes: Wns pop heels
1. Chose your outfit that match your personality,you don't have to wear what everyone is wearing :)
2. I know you will probabbly want to go in the prom party unitz and there will be a queue of 100000000000000000 persons (jk) but yea there will be a big queue. So meanwhile,you can take all the peoples in the unitz and rate 'em outfits. XD
3. There will be other unitz to hang out not just the prom one,so you can go in one of them and message your friends to hang out.
4.  You may now be excited to be invited for prom. If this thing is not going to happen (no i am not trying to ruin your dreams) you can do it like don't wait for someone to make the first step! DO it
And if you are going to be refused just do it like a pro like:
You: HEy! JUst asking prom is coming so do you want to go prom with me? :3 (sparkleing eyes with load of hope)
Person: Ummm...sorry but no. (dream killer level 100)'
YOU: Okay! I just call someone else. 
Person: Someone else?
YOu: yeah i have so many persons to hang out that i just used an random online selection program. 
KAy guys so this was today's post! SEE YA SUNDAY!