Friday, May 15, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: Prom Outfit Ideas

Hey guys! I did not post for a week and sorry about that D: I hadn't been on woozworld that much cause of homework, school, and etc. You would think that school gets easier as summer is so close.... WRONG XD. I still have like a few major exams coming up .-. Okay, so sorry for not posting D: I will try to go woozworld more often and post as well :) Now, munchies, today we will be talking about woozworld prom ioutfit ideas!! Oh wait, btw don't think I forgot about the contest! I think my results will be either Sunday or next Friday... Okay now, let's jump into our topic ;)
This outfit is mainly white with hint of purple. I just love the sheer that goes all the way to the floor as well as the hairstyle!
I LOVE THIS DRESS! Sadly, I don't have it D: and this was from trying it on in the shopz. I just love the sheer and how it comes out. I paired it with the dazzling ponytail and some cute heels.
This is very dramatic, hence the name dramatic dress lol. This does have neon on it and I paired the fringe braid with it. I also tried on the cutie and makeup with redish and pink lips from shopz.

So, these are three ideas from prom! I will have more on the way in the future! Hope you guys have fun in the upcoming ww prom and your real prom if you are going to one! The signoff photo coming real soon! Bye my munchies :)