Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trial blogger alert : Princessabix

Heya bursties. (I always wanted to say that.)
I'll be your new trial blogger (Hope not for long) Here are some 18 facts about me. These facts have been very handy to know the blogger Lol so enjoy! I MEAN ENJOY....!!!!! xD
-I am also working for an other blog too. And own a blog too.
-My woozen name is princessabix. You all can add me.
-I would be updating you all a lil bit like tellin you guys about the quizzes answer or some new contest etc.
-I am kinda good in arts IDK? like sketches, crafts and stuff. LOL
-You do not want to mess with me When im hangry (hungry+angry)
-I cant believe Im writing for burst.
-I Love the colour blue. It's so calmful and peacefull. It remind me of the sky and ocean idk
-Besides jokes I am a person who is very tough at times and  polite too.
-One day I dreamt of owning Burst xP (never gonna happen I know )
-I cant beLieve im writing for Burst.
-my birthday is in 21 december. If its my birthday I want everyone to wish me. (Kinda rude I know. I was jk).
-I am very good in studies and Im always the high achiever.
-Ill also be on the chatbox so if you guys need some help in some advices or stuff.. Im there.
-I like blogging cause we can talk to the world without showing our faces and can say wutever we like..
-I am not good at editing cause idk? Computers not my thing.
And Ive asked someone else to do my sign out photo . Im lazy LOL so It'll be ready in five days.
and finally....................
-I cant think of the seventeenth...