Friday, April 10, 2015

Woozworld Maze

Hey munchkins!! Woozworld Mazes!!!!! So, probably a lot of you guys know about this, but if you don't read on! And if you do know about this.... you should still read on.... XD So, when you log into woozworld and go to hot now, you will see unitz saying something having to do with mazes. After I found out there were mazes, I searched maze in the search section.
So, you are probably wondering do I have to get something special to create a maze myself? How do  I make my own maze? You answer to that:
How to Create Your Own Maze:

Step 1: You have to get the music tile and if you have one already, then great! Woozworld added in a "password" feature to the tile. So, place your music tile in the unitz.

Step 2: Click the edit symbol at the right corner of you screen.
Step 3: Place your mouse over the music tile and click the question mark
Step 4: Click the box that says "use password?" Write your question in the question box and write the answer to it in the password section. Then to give a hint for the answer, write that in the feedback section. When you are done, click save.
Step 5: Keep repeating steps 1-4 to create a pathway to the finish line with the music tiles.
Okay, so that is it for today!! Also, when you create your maze, don't ask or give out any information that is too personal. Remember to play safe guys!!! Also, remember to enter into my contest. Link: I might move the deadline date...Anyways, bye and a new sign off photo is coming soon!