Friday, April 10, 2015

Oh, what a journey it has been!

             Hello everyone!
    Katiekat00 here. I just want to quickly thank all the bloggers, visitors, and of course the creators Pink and Penny for making this blog happen! Woozworld Burst has grown SO much over the years. I am just shocked on how much people actually visit here and enjoy it. Thank you so much. So many bloggers have left and I'm still here. After rough times, Pink and Penny had understood on what I was going through. I'm just so happy that they let me stay even though I was almost kicked off a couple of times from inactivity, heheh. On May 5th, it will be my one year anniversary for joining Woozworld Burst. Being a blogger on Burst is special. It's like you are a news reporter for Woozworld. You get to share your adventures and creations with the rest of the woozens. Woozworld Burst is getting bigger everyday. More woozens joining, more things getting shared, more stories being told. It makes me very happy that a lot of woozens are joining the team. Also, welcome to all the new bloggers! I'm sure you will all have an awesome time here :-).
Below here is my very first post on Woozworld Burt, and some of my favorite posts. :-) Ahaha, and yes, the first  couple of ones might sound cheesy.

That's about it! Also, I encourage YOU, if you have enough time, to fill out a form for Woozworld Burst if you are interested. The more the merrier! I also had an idea that I announced in the shout/chat box. We should totally have a Woozworld Burst meet and greet! Wouldn't it be great to meet all the bloggers, and the creators? I think it would be wonderful! I'm still dreaming...
Thank you everyone, and remember,
Get it here first, at Woozworld Burst!