Friday, April 3, 2015

SWEET news


             Hello everyone!
Katiekat00 here with some SWEET news! Android for Woozworld will be coming out SOONER than you think... Also, I have even sweeter news..

Wait... what?!?  Could he be talking about our blog... or.. someone else's blog? Or.. everyone's blogs!
It's Penny's and Pinky's decision if they decide to "Sweeten up Burst a bit' : ). 
When do YOU think the Android app for Woozworld will be coming out? Visit the Central Plaza unit and click the GREEN pod to make your guess! 
That's all for today, Woozens. Who is excited for the Woozworld app to come out for Android phones? I know I am! We will just have to wait and see :)
- Katiekat00