Tuesday, March 31, 2015

BeMeee Is BACK! :D

Hey guys! :DDD So today at 4pm WT. VIP-Be and VIP-Me came to the BeMe Lounge! Where MyaWooz interviewed them.

Mya also made a point that teen girls get the impression from movies, celebs, models, etc.  That we think we have to look like them when we DON'T. She also said we are gawjuss inside and out! :D

Mya has a point here. Most boys don;t speak about their body issues or them being unstable. When they should! They shouldn't be ashamed. Girls shouldn't be ashamed either.

VIP-Me made this statement. Which is true.

                                                 Anyways, You still have time to see the rest of the interview if you log on RIGHT NOW and go straight to the BeMe Lounge.