Thursday, April 30, 2015

How Burst Changed Me!

Hello ma babes!!!! Its seriously been FOREVER!!!! Testing is almost over I promise only 1week left!!!!  And I meant to post this Tuesday, but literally I went straight to bed :p So yes ik Im posting a day early lol but I wanted to go ahead and do it now since im on my laptop. (I have been a WHOLE WEEK WITHOUT MY BABY! D:) So let's actually get to the point xD

                                            So Burst has changed me a lot actually(In a good way)
and I'd just like to make a post about it!!

  So lets go, here's some examples kinda.
1: Burst has made me more open about who I am! I can be weird and not even feel insecure!
2: Online insecurity(and irl) gone! I can just say and do whatever really and not even care xD
3: My love for Woozworld. So when I received the application from Burst I kinda lost all my love for WzW. But now being on here has revived it! :D <3
4: My attitude. So before coming to Burst I was EXTRIMELY SHY! But being on Burst has killed it! I actually say what I think and I'm not scared :3

                 Thank You!!! <3

So those were a few examples but I don't have much time on here :P but...
              I'd like to give all of you AMAZING LOVELY PEOPLE A HUGE THANK YOU! Thank you just for being amazing and supporting Burst. Because without it I'd still be that shy weird person o_o which wasn't fun lol :I But just so you amazing people know, if you NEED ANYTTHING I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU! Just message me :D So thank you <3

throwback Thursday xD