Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another WoozGuide Quit?

Hey everyone,
It's Selly here with some breaking news.
(A big shoutout to my friend Davon for noticing this first and then informing me!)
We all know MelodyArtistic was fired recently for an unknown reason, we can only decide to trust the rumors or make a conclusion ourselves, but now yet another guide has not only quit the position of WoozGuide, but Woozworld in general. @Lost006 updated his Woozin status:

 It now says simply "Quit". I'm not his friend so I can't see the posts on his wall. Maybe one of you guys who are friends with him can and tell us if there's any post explaining his sudden decision?

Another thing that's bothering Woozens is ''Will new guides be picked earlier because of this?"

To be bluntly honest, I can't even name three WoozGuides. I don't even know how many there are, so I don't know if there's an urgent need for a replacement. I'm sure that the ones left are doing their jobs well.

A quick shoutout to the designers of the new "Outfits By Woozens, For Woozens". Autumn's design is really stunning, although I agree with Sammy that the lack of sunglasses is a good thing. xD

Stay fabulous, xox
- Selly.