Saturday, April 4, 2015

Woozworld Egg hunt Answer Key

Hey guys o3o.Bleaty here.Today I'm gonna be giving you guys,for those who haven't got the answers,the answers to Lost Ester Egg Hunt!.Here are the 10 untiz for you guys to find the eggs in!! Good luck :D

                                        2.)April Fools
                                    3.)Max's Game show
                                       4.)Fashion Academy 
                                           5) Happy Easter
                                          6.)YetiBux Cafe
                                      7.) Jelly Jelly Jelly!
                                            8.)Stop bullying HQ
                                          9.) Azurium Garden
                                               10.) iDesignz

These are all the eggs in order.So meaning the Clearing Egg is the 1st egg,and iDesignz Egg is the 10th Egg,So this should be quite easy,considering the answers have been given and they're all in order.I also want to wish you all a happy early Easter including any other celebrations you will celebrate like Passover.This post was quite small I apologize for the inconvenience.But in return I will have a great sign off photo for you guys next week hopefully!That's all for today guys!

Bleaty signing out!

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