Saturday, April 18, 2015

Free Beex by Woozworld!!

Hey guys o3o3.Bleaty here.Today,I came back from the Young Authors Conference,and had lots of fun xD So anyways,onto topic,Woozworld,Yes the REAL Woozworld is giving out free 1000 beex to every woozen on Facebook.(Link: is,NOT A HACK/SCAM.I know because I did it,and it worked.Also,it's from the real Woozworld Facebook.
It is very generous of them to do this.Sadly,it only works once.If you want to test it,make a new account,use the link,provided and see your beex!If you want,you can go to multiple accounts and get like 6,000 beex or whatever you want.Enjoy your beex!!!Also,I'm having a silent day on a day,go to,scroll down,and see my post about it,cause I'm too tired right now to post about it again xD.Anyways,that's all for today,I'll see you next Friday o3o

Bleaty signing out!