Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prom 2k15?!

Hey yoou amazing Bursties!!! x3 Anyways 2 days ago Mya posted about WOOZWORLD PROM!!! YAASSS..!  Who would you want as your Prom King & Queen?! I'm going for DISNEYY THEME :D #DisneyProm Forver <3. xD Well which do you want???! :P Well ofc I asked people what they want! :)

What theme do you want for prom?

Bellabookinrox: LIKE AN OLD FASHION ONE.
IttSupermantt: Space theme.
-J-O-S-H-: Under the sea.
Fashiongirlgee: Princess and kings.

Soo? Do you like their themes? Or do you want a different one? Ii'm going for #DisneyProm or #GreaseProm! What do you want!? Tell me in the Chat Box! :)