Saturday, April 25, 2015

Finally Back!

Hey Bursties. 
After about 2 months, It's me, Selly! 
I've been absent from Woozworld, Blogging and all of my friends for way too long.
I was in Chicago with my programming school, we were there for some competition, and in our spare time we went out to play basketball. Some guys asked to play with us and we let them. We were having fun and fooling around. One of the guys didn't see me standing behind him and moved his  hand back, his elbow hit me in the eye. I could open my eye but everything was blurry. I thought it was because my contact lens moved or something, so I got my glasses from the hotel room. Everything was still blurry. My parents had to pick me up and we went to Berlin to get my eye checked. Turns out I had some sort of spasm on my left eye which got really messed up after the hit. I didn't even need glasses or contacts, it was the spasm making my vision blurry. Since I'm too young to get the spasm completely fixed, I had a fake contact surgically put into my left eye. I still wear contacts and I see fine with them. It was probably the worst experience in my life.

Now that I have probably grossed you all out, the good news are: I'm back home and ready to continue blogging. :D

I've caught on quickly with the new Android app! *Cheering along with all Android-only users*
There's a lot of cool and adorable outfits I missed, but what can I do, life goes on.
If anyone's willing to fill me in with everything that has been going on, I'd be very grateful. :)

New sign-off photo coming soon!
Stay fabulous. xx

-SelenaGomez6428 Also Known As Selly