Friday, April 24, 2015

#FashionWithCutie- Rainforest Adventurer Outfits Review

Hi!!! Sorry for posting so late D: I almost forgot to post.... Okay, anyways..... today we will be discussing about the rainforest adventurer outfits that I actually really liked.... my opinion XD
Ferntastic Outfit:
Hair: I do that there are waves and a flower in her hair, however I think that the hair is too loose.... hard to describe what I mean by that.... I just think that like the curls are like too like big.... Sorry it's hard to explain what I mean by that... D:
Top: I love this top!! I absolutely love the necklace and bracelet detailing
Skirt: Cute! I love maxi skirts now and the design on it fits the theme of rainforest adventurer.
Shoes: I think they are okay and good for like spring

Tropicadorable Outfit
Hair: I LOVE THIS HAIR!!! The ponytail is just so cute.
Top: Loving the top as well because of the cute structure of it with the lines and that bracelet is pretty!
Shorts: Floral/rose design is always cute, but I think would color it different colors... Oh wait it is pinapples.... sorry I didn't look closely XD Cute fun design
Shoes: This is the same design that is on the shorts which is pretty nice as well

Okay, guys, sorry for the short post, but I have to practice playing piano now! Bye guys!!! (Oh and don't forget to enter my contest!)