Saturday, April 25, 2015

Random Post from Mod?! :o & Woozdguidez FIRED?

Hey Burst Baby's! It's Sammy! Just a few day's ago.. Mod021 posted! O;;;;; 
No one knows why. But and also Melodyartistic got fired from being a woozguide. The rumor is that she was dating a hacker. This is just a RUMOR. Yet her boyfriend was banned. Permanently.... O;;; LOTS OF DRAMA THIS WEEKK.... 

Yes I bet your wondering WAIT..WAIT.... WHEN ARE THEY GONNA REPLACE HER? Rumor is their waiting til July or the first of May. To replace her.  So just keep up the good work and they might make you a woozdguidez! Very soon! 

See you Tuesday! :)