Friday, April 24, 2015

Woozworld App! & More info.

Hey guys! Bleaty here o3o.If you notice,Woozworld for Android has come!!I was very excited.and yesterday,if you downloaded it,you got a special prize depending on which gender your woozen was.The girls got this hair while the boys,the same green hat,but a boy hairstyle:

 The app by the way is the exact same as the Apple app.Either way,you should download it :L.

  Also,if you got the correct app date launch,you got a special prize which would be:

   Pretty cute? xD It reminds me of a candy.Also,the app is available for Samsung Galaxy devices,and if you're having trouble's finding the app,search Woozworld Fashion in the search bar and you will find it.It took me a while to figure this out xD.

And,the Woozworld spring fashion design contest results,come out on April 30th.So about a week from now!!Good luck to all those hut designers.

Now before I leave,if you know our blogger iAmCuriosity,She has been permanently banned.For more info go to her youtube video.Please also try to help her,even though the reason she got hacked was for Charles proxy and stuff like that etc.I don't want to offend her,so let's wait for her to hopefully post about further info,for now her new account,is Curiosity.Good luck Curi!!

Bleaty signing out.

-Bleaty (Please don't pose as me in the chatbox xo)