Sunday, April 5, 2015

#FashionWithCutie- Easter/ Spring Outfits

Hello munchies (munchkins)!!! HOPPY EASTER! :D I hope you guys are having or had a great Easter! Did you guys eat a lot of chocolate? XD or go on egg hunt? To be honest, I like dying the eggs XD It's fun.... Don't judge.... XD.  So, today there was the SOTW and at SOTW (in queue of course), I found some outfits that I just loved <3. One boy outfit and one girl outfit....
Boy Outfit:
I thought this was perfect mix between cute and cool... xD The top, jeans, and shoes together mix to be very trendy and adding the bunny head just made the outfit so cute!! XD Love the color code, too! CanadianAlien, you are rocking that outfit!
Girl Outfit:
The bunny hair again! :D So cute again!!! I love how the top made the outfit a little bit preppy and those shorts and boots are just so FABULOUS!!! I love those boots so much! (So many exclamation points... o-0) Loving the outfit, Luvvz!

So, that is it for today and don't forget to enter my photo contest. Here is the link:  Okay, bye munchies!!! (New signoff photo coming soon...)