Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm Back!! & Jenny's Lost Bunny (answers),

Heya loves! So I feel like it's been FOREVER since I posted (which in reality it was only a week)
But I'm realllyyyyyy sorry for not posting. The last time I posted I was talking about getting over being sick, yea well I lied (lolol) I thought I was over it, but not really. But I'm BETTER NOW! Also it's SPRING BREAK! So I haven't been home a lot lately..

But now to the post....So while I was gone Jenny apparently lost her bunny. The bunnies are scattered out all around WoozWorld and I have the answers to where they are!


The bunnies are in 10 different areas.
1): Central Plaza
2): Woozworld Help Center
3): Woozworld Petz Show
4): Truth or Tale
5): Online Safety HQ
6): Yetibux Cafe
7): Mawdurn Kitchen
8): Woozguidez Center
9): Mya's Fashion Studio
10): iDesignz

 Ok! So there's all of the ares that the bunnies are located at!