Thursday, March 12, 2015

Woozen's Choice Outfits + St.Patricks Day!

  Hello everyone! Since I have a different time zone than most of you, I will be updating you guys a bit late ^-^ If you have not read the title yet, today's post will be on the first Woozen's Choice Outfits and St.Patrick's Day!

Above are the first chosen outfits, which include BowTea, WNS Pop, Tribal Tiger, and Tyrule. For those of you who sadly missed out on these wonderful outfits, you're in great luck because they have been brought back! It comes with a Free Aqamarine Symbz to give you a beautiful glow to rock out this Spring Break. If you would like to purchase the symbz by itself, above the outfits is the symbz which is only $2.
It looks very beautiful, and if you purchase it, you will be gifted with a beautiful glow just like the birthstone! Stay tuned for the next outfits!

Moving onto St.Patrick's Day, Woozworld has been totally prepared for this holiday! If you look through the units, you'll see a BUNCH of St.Patrick's Day inspired and even made a quest AND game for you guys, the prize is a Four-Leaf Clover inspired hairstyle for both boys and girls along with a Four-Leaf Clover inspired dress (which I have NO IDEA where you get it), isn't that amazing! Moving onto the store again, this weeks Wooz Packs include wooz along with a GORGEOUS outfit for Spring Break.If you look around,you'll see people wearing the outfit, an example would be Canadianz in her signature colors. Also, I saw that if you wear the full Leprechaun Outfit (boys I think), you'll turn into a miniature Leprechaun! To see examples visit the St.Patrick's day units. 

That's all for today, I hoped you really enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for my next posts. xx