Friday, March 13, 2015

Pot o' Gold!

Hey guys! Bleaty here o3o I'm very very happy to announce that there is currently NO MORE People posing as me/anyone! :D I'm very happy,so now no one will confuse me for a fake.Onto my actual post,Woozworld is currently celebrating St.Patrick's Day.There's a story,that a Leprechaun lost his pot of gold.It's our job as woozens to find it by doing some Quests!!And we all love quests don't we? ;) Anyways today,I'll be giving you guys a "cheat" sheet,on how to do the quests,And you'll wanna do the quest cause the prizes are sorta worth it tbh.So lets get started!!

# Go to unitz: Clearing.

# Click on the Bush by the big tree in the middle of the unitz.

Then Patty will appear,and you click him.(There will be a yellow arrow pointing to him.) I couldn't take the picture,because a girl blocked him from everyone.
# Go to the unitz: Forest.
By clicking the arrow.I'm not sure if going to the unitz in search will work.Then you'll see a Shamrock.Click that,and you''ll transport to your next destination.

Then you'll end up in a quiz area.Here is the clover you have to click:

#You click the clover,and you'll end up in the unitz:Street.Click the shamrock by the bench.

Now you'll be doing a quiz with a riddle.Here's the order to do this by clicking the shamrocks:
                 1.)Middle  2.) Right  3.) Middle 4.) Middle 5.) Left 6.) Middle
                                      7.) Right (x3 or 3 times)

Now you'll end up in this unitz:

There is no right tree,so choose any!Now when you click your desired tree,you'll end up in Lucky's Place!Click the bush in the middle of the pot of gold.

Then you have to click Patty again,and once you do,Here are your prizes! :D

When you activate the symbz,you'll turn into a leprechaun x'D.

So that's it for today.Hopefully my post came out clean,and if not,then feel free to watch some videos on Youtube for how to do this.My Battle of The Photos will be starting tomorrow so get your photos in!!.Bleaty signing out o3o

LeFabuBob: -Bleaty