Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Woozworld Design Contest TIPS & Burst Chat & Future Contest?

Hello!!! So, today we are going to be talking three things today.
First topic: Woozburst Burst Chat
When I went to look on woozworldburst chat I noticed that someone used my chat name (woozworld name) for one of the comments that I DID NOT SAY. Please don't impersonate anyone. Honestly, I don't usually use the woozworld burst chat, but I recently started using it more, so I can communicate with you guys easier. Anyways, seriously DON'T IMPERSONATE SOMEONE AND DO NOT USE INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE
Next Topic: Woozwrold Spring Design Contest Tips
The post:

We Want Your Designs for Spring 2015!

After a long winter, we’re finally shedding our coats to reveal… last fall’s outfits?! Well, this simply won’t do!
Show us your freshest, coolest, newest spring design and you may win the the opportunity to see your clothes produced in Woozworld!
Is your mind overflowing with fashion already? Check out the contest guidelines below!

Woozworld design template
- Print this (required) template and draw on it OR use an image editing program on your computer
- Create your dreamiest spring-inspired design for girls, boys, or both
- Feel free to give your outfit a creative name, like Mya does with her Store collections each week
- Sign your design with your Woozen name
- Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct
- Submit your design in the WNTM Runway Unitz using the green Podz BEFORE the submission period ends on Tuesday, April 7th
- Submit someone else’s work. The design must be your own, signed creation.
- Submit any inappropriate or offensive designs
Our four favorite outfits will go on sale Thursday, April 30th in the Woozworld Store.
Good luck!

So, this is a design contest for SPRING!! Some tips to create your design:
1. Get inspired: You can design these clothes by being inspired by your own clothes that you wear in real, clothes in stores, or/and your celeb idols!! Honestly, I am inspired by some clothes that I have seen in stores and some hairstyles that I seen people wear
2. Be Creative and Unique: Make sure to have some of your style put into your clothes. Remember you made these. Have fun with it and make it so that YOU like them. Make sure to make it not look like anyone else's.
3. If you are doing the design on the computer: Try to use a program that you are familiar with or know how to work well with. I suggest gimp even though I don't use it, but I heard it is very good.
4. Try to think of a specific detail/ pattern that you like such as sequins or maybe you like plaid.
So those are some tips and remember JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!!

Third and Final Topic:
Update about the Contest: The prize will NOT be wns long dress instead it will be more of a recent item. I really need some theme ideas, so please give suggestions for themes!! I will most likely put a post up about the contest only on Sunday or next Friday.

See you guys next time!! (Btw for the sign off photo, I kinda tried to make it seem like I was swimming... xD I tried)