Friday, March 27, 2015

App for Android!

 Hey guys! Bleaty here.o3o.I got my report cards today,so if any of you got yours also,I hope you did well :D.Anyways,onto my topic.It is officially known that the animators are bringing the Woozworld App,to ANDROID!Where in other words mean,that the animators are bringing the app to gadgets not apple related,(Ex: Tablets,Samsung etc)My little sister has a tablet I can use which is making me excited.

  Also,as you might remember,when the app came for apple gadgets,there was a thing where people guessed the date the app would launch.As guessed,the same thing is happening for Android.To be able to guess the Magical Date Go to the unitz,Central Plaza and click on the Green Podz.I would suggest,guessing around April-May maybe?Since it takes about a month for an app.But yea.Have fun with that! xD The winners that guess the right date get: A special achievement and an Exclusive Item!! 

Good luck with the guessing.I also predict that there will be maybe new Testers.As for that happened with the apple devices.But yea anyways,Stay tuned for that!!I collected some info from the app coming,and here's what I got:The Woozworld App will be available in the App Store in the upcoming weeks So if you plan on doing the guessing game,then try guessing a date between 2-3 weeks from now.I also collected some OTHER Info (Yes I'm so deeply sorry if your tired of me) That the release of the other app was May22.But yea that's all the info I could get.Remember to guess around April 22-May idk.Have a great day and remember to submit your Spring Fashion designs in!! xx Bleaty signing out!!

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