Friday, March 27, 2015

Game Tips: Next Top Model

Bursties! Happy Friday!

So as you all probably know, Next Top Model is a classic Woozworld fashion-based game. The owner of the Unitz and possibly assistant judges will choose a certain theme, and players must dress up using clothes from their inventory to match it. Lately whenever I participate in NTM, I often see Woozens unsure or confused about what to do, so I thought I'd explain the main ideas!

JOINING: The owner will normally separate the entrance area and the actual game area when Woozens are starting to come in, and you'll most likely have to either trade or buy something to start playing. First you'll need to check your inventory for items you could be willing to trade. If you find something that's unwanted but of good value, try trading it the owner and see if they take it. If not, browse around the Shop Podz and see if you can purchase whatever is cheapest. If not (still), PC-ing the owner about the problem might help you.

ROUNDS: Make sure to stay calm and kind throughout gameplay. Respect the owner to avoid ending up on their bad side - repeatedly asking about the theme or cutting in line can stress the owner out, which is never good, so always stay patient.

GETTING IN: If the owner likes your outfit choice for a round, they will usually classify you as "in." While you should be proud, never brag about it. This can make you look rude or self-centered. Simply click the tile at the end of the runway and wait at the back of the line it puts you in.

GETTING OUT: If the owner doesn't think your outfit goes well with the theme, they will usually classify you as "out." Sometimes you will also have the option of trading or buying something to stay in, so take advantage of the opportunity and use it if possible. Otherwise, you'll have to accept the fact that you're out. Simply click the tile at the end of the runway and leave the Unitz.

WINNING: If you end up winning NTM, then that's awesome! Thank whoever voted for you, and then wait for your prize. Occasionally, however, some owners may actually be scammers, meaning that they don't give you that prize, and in this case they should be reported.

LOSING: Yeah, it's upsetting, but remember that it's only a game. If you lose, always congratulate the winner to show that you're a good sport. Complaining will only make things worse.

And if you're ever having trouble coming up with what to wear when playing NTM, just Woozworld-message me the theme and I'll try my best to help you!