Sunday, March 1, 2015

SOTW and New Woozguides

Hey people who are reading this! xD Okay, so today I am going to be talking about Star of the Week and the new woozguides. First up is star of the week!
Congratulations to the winner: PomPomCutie
Let's discuss her outfit :3
She is wearing:
Hair from Tiarafic Outfit
Dress and Shoes from Malganificent Outfit
I love that she paired the tiarafic hair and the dress and shoes from malganificent together!! I absolutely love her color code because it is unique and trendy. I just love the dress though.... xD The structure, pattern, and shape of the dress is just gorgeous... XD

Now on to the new woozguides!!
Welcome back, jenny!! Okay, so as you can see, the new woozguidez are Agentblue10, catvalentine11 (This name reminds me of the character cat valentine from victorious...... XD), CosmicThunder, Cupcake37, loveandy, and TobanJ! Congratz to the new woozguidez for being selected. I hope you guys will really help out the issues and problems we face in woozworld.

Got to motor! (I love using that phrase... XD). Next time there will be a new sign off photo btw ;)