Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Woozguidez Drama?!

Hello lovelies! So today is just a small little post nothing too serious, so let's jump in!

So about a day ago or so Jenny  told us how happy she was to be back, and we have some new Woozguidez! Great right?? Well not so great for some people. Apparently the Woozguidez chosen where "famous" and made people really upset. Personally I've never really heard of these people unitl just now..so yea (I obviously live under a rock xD). And these Woozguidez have made one personally really, really angry.... I'm not going to release her name on here but here are some of the things she's said. Most of you know who I'm talking about, and she's not a fan of Woozguidez period so yea...

As you can see she's  not happy with the whole Woozguidez situation. These are only 2  ex. She's posted a whole lot more, and she's making units and getting people's attention.

Also she's not by herself here, there are fan I guess you can call them supporting her.
 Not only is she posting her beliefs on Woozin, she's also doing these little shows I guess xP 
 I personally don't have a side really, I like the fact she's doing what she believes is right. But however I guess there are boundaries. But that's all lovelies! Do what you think is right, and follow your dreams!! x)
 Have an amazing day!