Friday, March 13, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: Wooz Package+ Outfit

Hello bursties! I really need a new nickname for you guys.... What about? Munchkins? .... xD Idk random. Okay, today we will obviously talking about the wooz package with the outfit.... Mostly the outfit XD
Okay, so I can't really see the shoes and I can only see half of the dress.... The hair looks like WNS Straightened Hair.... I think it is that hair?
Now, about the dress, I found someone wearing it and I was like shocked because the bottom half of the dress is the best part and they covered it up in the photo!!
Okay, so focus only on the dress!!! The hair is actually the two tone hairstyle from shopz (zechic section). Back to the dress, it is like a gown and I feel like it is like a dramatic dress..... I think that this dress is called some with "peek a book" in it which makes sense because of the bottom part of the dress. Thank you RoSyY for being kind of like a model for the dress... XD

Sorry for the short post today D: Hopefully, I will have a longer post next time with a new photo (maybe St, Patrick Theme Photo). Got to go now! See you, munchkins, later!! (When I think of Munchkins, I think of Wizard of Oz and Dunkin and Donuts... Idk for some reason I am thinking of munchkins...)