Monday, March 23, 2015

One Sweater - Three Ways!

Hello there, my lovelies! Today I've decided to take a basic clothing item on Woozworld - a sweater - and turn it into a fashionable staple piece. The Skull Argyle Sweater, which you can purchase for a super cheap price in Shopz, is going to be the foundation of these three different outfits I've created. So, here they are!

Outfit 1: The School Girl

This is a simple and adorable outfit to pull off on schooldays. The sleek white thigh-highs and polished black skirt give the look structure, while the fun-colored kicks keep it from appearing too harsh.

Outfit 2: The Couch Potato

This is a lazy and casual outfit to lounge in around the house. The baggy pants and slipper-like shoes provide comfort to the look, while the large hair bow adds a bit of style.

Outfit 3: The Party Animal

This is a playful and wild outfit to show off when out with friends. The minishorts and furry boots scream "FUN," while the sweater itself gives off a more preppy vibe.

So, which outfit was your favorite? Let's take a vote. Rate this post as "funny" for Outfit 1, "interesting" for Outfit 2, or "cool" for Outfit 3!